MacDermid Completes Test Rig to Assess Fluid Performance

MacDermid Offshore announced completion of specifically designed test equipment for fluid qualification with subsea components. As a trusted market leader for two and a half decades, MacDermid has designed and built a state-of-the-art DCV test rig to upgrade the rigorous qualification process and accurately assess fluid performance through simulated field conditions.

The performance of directional control valves operated with subsea control fluids is an important predictor of subsea system reliability. Testing of these fluid/valve combinations requires significant time and expense, which has slowed the introduction of innovation to the market. This testing equipment will provide much needed additional capacity to improve the qualification process.

Highlights of the rig include simultaneous testing up to 4 DCV's plus one additional piece of equipment and 10 000psi (700 Bar) pressure rating.

Simon McManus, Technical Director for MacDermid Offshore Solutions stated, "This test rig will be great asset to MacDermid and our customers; it reaffirms MacDermid as the technical leader in our field."

MacDermid Offshore Solutions provides products and services for the offshore oil industry, worldwide. Our market leading Oceanic and Erifon water-based fluids are used for hydraulic control of valves in offshore drilling and production systems.