Claxton Reaches Centraliser Landmark

Claxton, an Acteon company, is celebrating a landmark achievement -- having completed over 200 structural centraliser projects since 1999. These projects have seen the company design, build and install more than 3000 individual centraliser units.

Although appearing to be simple devices, structural centralisers provide a service at a critical interface -- that between the platform structure and the conductor. The environmental conditions imposed upon them can be severe and, consequently, they play a vital role in maintaining long-term conductor integrity.

Claxton can supply a full range of structural centralisers, including cellar-deck, fixed-blade, retrofit and internal models, and a patented adjustable blade design. These designs are used in every major oil-producing region in the world under environmental conditions ranging from benign through to the harshest imaginable.

Laura Claxton, managing director, Claxton, said, "This is a milestone achievement from one of our core product lines, and we are naturally pleased that clients continue to recognize our leadership in this area.

"We offer field-proven designs that can only be found at Claxton, and, just as importantly, a depth of experience gained from hundreds of successful projects. This experience is where we add value across all our product lines."

Claxton is part of the Acteon group's wider conductors, risers and pipelines offering. Structural centralisers are just one part of a diverse range of services from Claxton that span the life of an asset, from pre-drilling right through to decommissioning.