Object Reservoir Collaborates in CEP for Western Canada's Motney Shale

Object Reservoir has announced the commencement of a multi-company collaborative project to deliver best practices for the exploitation of Montney Shale assets. These best practices will focus on optimal strategies for data gathering, completion design, stimulation, well spacing, reserves estimation, and workflows that accelerate the learning curve for optimal exploitation and monetization of operators' acreage. Three leading Upper Montney Shale operators holding a combined 440 sections have submitted data from multiple producing wells for analysis. Object Reservoir plans to offer similar collaboration projects in other areas of the Montney Shale.

This is the second Collaborative Exploitation Project commenced by Object Reservoir in 2009. OR's Haynesville Shale CEP commenced on April 1st with 12 leading operators whose holdings represent 60% of the leased acreage in the Haynesville. This project is being held open for additional participation for a limited time.

Object Reservoir recently announced the formation of a third CEP focused on the Marcellus Shale. This project is open for participation and work is expected to commence on or before September 15th, 2009.