GATE, ITP Collaborate on Offshore Oilfield Flow Assurance Studies

GATE, LLC and ITP InterPipe (ITP) will be collaborating on offshore oilfield flow assurance studies. The collaboration brings together a comprehensive set of skills across the entire range of flow assurance challenges facing deepwater oil and gas developments. The GATE-ITP team features expertise in key areas surrounding flow assurance including multiphase flow modeling, oil and water characterization, scaling assessment, assessment of souring due to water injection, erosion modeling, pipeline design and waterflood injectivity. This set of skills permits GATE-ITP to provide a complete set of flow assurance services with a systems engineering focus.

Howard Duhon,P.E., GATE's Systems Engineering Manager for flow assurance, said that this collaboration would provide oil companies with expertise across all relevant flow assurance issues with just one phone call.

ITP Interpipe, based in Paris and Houston, specializes in the design and provision of highly insulated pipelines including pipe-in-pipe flowlines and insulated subsea cryogenic pipelines for LNG service. ITP managers Dr. Vicki Niesen and Dr. Trent Brown are pioneers in the development of the field of flow assurance.

Houston-based GATE, LLC provides engineering for the offshore oil and gas industries. The firm is particularly known for its work in materials and corrosion engineering, chemical systems engineering, waterflood system design and commissioning and initial startup planning.