New Hercules Gold Cone Packing Provides Better Leakage Control

R&M Energy Systems launched the new Hercules® Gold Cone packing that provides better leakage control and longer performance life to meet critical oilfield requirements, regardless of the brand of stuffing box being used.

Featuring small brass particles impregnated in and distributed throughout the packing, Hercules Gold Cone packing dissipates heat more effectively to extend packing life and keeps the polished rod smooth and free of abrasive mineral buildup. This new packing is also ideal for corrosive applications, providing compatibility as well as excellent performance.

Additional features of the Hercules Gold Cone packing include:

  • Capability to handle temperatures to 160 degrees F
  • Pressure handling capabilities to 2,500 psi
  • Availability in sizes from 1-1/8" through 1-3/"” to fit all polished rods
  • Standard packaging in sets of four or five cones for application versatility

Hercules Gold Cone packing can reduce maintenance costs and downtime resulting from its extended service life, control costly waste from excess leakage and protect the wellsite environment through enhanced leakage control.

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