Skymira to Provide Monitoring Solution for Compressco's O&G Well Sites

Skymira announced that Compressco, a leader in the oil/ gas compression sector, has commissioned the firm to provide a monitoring solution utilizing over four thousand Skywave DMR 800D terminals. Skywave is the industry's premier technology solution for remote equipment monitoring in the oil and gas industries, in addition to other sectors where monitoring of field operations is essential to the corporate bottom line.

Compressco, one of the world's leading suppliers of production enhancement solutions for marginal and low pressure oil and gas wells, selected Skymira to streamline its information management processes originating from North American locations of its GasJackTM compressor installed base. The DMR800 works seamlessly with SCADA / Telemetry on compressors, enabling companies like Compressco to retrieve remote information in one common data stream from oil and gas well worksites around the globe, in real time.

"Customer success stories from the oil and gas industries demonstrates that field operations can be successfully streamlined to achieve a rapid increase in productivity levels and ultimately greater overall profits," said Robert Landsfield, CEO, Skymira, LLC. "The agility of Skywave DMR 800D product enables it to work with numerous industry applications, including telemetry monitoring and SCADA control systems, guaranteeing valuable, real-time and efficient oversight of remote operations at global worksites," added Landsfield.

"The implementation of Skymira's Skywave 800D solution allows us to monitor compressor performance remotely, decreasing response time for repairs and significantly increasing the level of service we provide to our customers," said Chris Anderson, Technology Manager at Compressco. "Of the sources we looked at, only Skymira's TailorFitTM solution was capable of addressing the specific back-end data format Compressco required, making the award to Skymira an easy decision," added Anderson.

The Skywave DMR 800D solution provides global wireless/ satellite coverage of communications with field workers and real-time monitoring of equipment and pipelines with the tightest information security precautions in place. Featuring coverage in over five ocean regions around the world, Skywave's low power consumption is ideal for applications requiring long battery life. The solution complements remote, fixed or mobile applications on land or sea and it is tailored specifically for optimal asset tracking of fleet management. Harnessing drive messaging for real time delivery coordination, the device enables remote communication from hazardous applications and unmanned sources such as intermodal containers, trailers or marine buoys. It seamlessly integrates with telemetry monitoring and SCADA applications, and is tailored for long periods of autonomous operation and compatibility with most data loggers and sensors.