DOT Theme Underscores Need to Share Experience

The 15th Annual Deep Offshore Technology International Conference and Exhibition (DOT) will be held at the Parc Chanot Conference Center in Marseille, France from November 19-21, 2003.

This year's theme is Consolidating Experience, Enabling Ultradeep. As experience in deepwater grows, operations continue to move into deeper, more remote areas. No single company is equipped to deal with the technical, environmental, and regulatory challenges of these frontier areas. It is through cooperation, sharing of lessons learned, and a unified vision that the potential of ultra deepwater will be realized. Spearheading this year's operator-driven program is Joël Fort, of host operator TOTAL SA. As chairman of the DOT Conference Advisory Board, Mr. Fort's vision and technical understanding has helped shape an exceptionally strong conference program. Tapping qualified experts from around the globe, the DOT board has gathered a cohesive and dynamic collection of outstanding papers and presentations.

This year's sponsor's include TOTAL SA, ExxonMobil Development, Cameron, FMC Energy Systems, INTEC Engineering, Heerema, J. Ray McDermott, Sandvik, Schlumberger, Oil States Industries, and Stolt Offshore. The popular exhibition that accompanies the technical conference provides delegates and attendees with a good networking opportunity and hands-on access to much of the technology that is discussed in the technical sessions. DOT's solid reputation ensures players from across the industry, and from around the world, will be in attendance.

DOT is recognized as the leading forum addressing technical issues related to exploration, development, and production in deep and ultra deepwater basins around the world. For more information visit the DOT website at Deep Offshore Technology Conference or contact Frances Leon in London (+44-1992-656-653); email, or Sue Neighbors in Houston (+1-713-963-6256); email