Smith International Notes Drilling Optimization Solutions for Haynesville

Smith International's drilling optimization solutions for Chesapeake Energy has resulted in their first well drilling Curve and Lateral in one run, with no trips in the Haynesville shale gas play. The ability to drill the curve and lateral in one run with one directional assembly will afford Chesapeake the opportunity to further reduce time and cost on future wells.

The powerful combination of Pathfinder, Smith International's Directional Drilling group with their advanced drilling simulation technology, i-DRILL®, and DBOS® working in conjunction with Chesapeake's Drilling Team, including engineering and superintendents, have come together to reach this milestone.

The collaborative gains from practical drilling knowledge and technological innovation will continue to put both Smith International and Chesapeake at the forefront of cost reduction and improved efficiency with regard to hydrocarbon extraction in the Haynesville shale gas play.