Rotech Subsea Names Stephen Cochrane as Business Devt Manager

World-leading mass-flow excavation (MFE) company Rotech Subsea, a member of the Rotech Group, has promoted Stephen Cochrane to Business Development Manager for the UK, Europe, Middle East and West Africa.

Stephen, 30, has worked at the Aberdeen base of the company for almost a year as Business Development Executive.

His promotion marks an important development at Rotech Subsea as it focuses marketing its unique and patented range of "T" excavation tools in three distinct regions. Sarah Hargrave will control the Americas and June Othman will control Asia-Pacific.

Stephen, of Elgin, joined the company after working as a project manager in the Oil & Gas industry for Cape. He previously worked in marketing and design at Aberdeen agency Mearns & Gill. He graduated with a 2.1 BSc (Hons) in Digital Media from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 2005.

Stephen said, "I have very ambitious targets to exploit the full potential of the range of tools in the regions I have responsibility for.

"Rotech Subsea is a relatively well-known name nowadays but there is still a chunk of the marketplace that does not understand what we do and how MFE could significantly benefit a huge number of potential clients.

"It is simply a case of getting in front of the right people with the right projects and it is now my responsibility to make this happen.

"I am delighted to have been promoted to Business Development Manager and I am grateful for the opportunity to promote this company and its expertise to a wider audience."

Rotech Subsea was established in Aberdeen in 2001 and now has bases in Houston, Mexico and Singapore.

In 2008 it completed 36 projects worldwide. Now with 20 spreads strategically placed in Australia, Egypt, Mexico, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA, is on target to reach 60 projects during 2009.

Rotech Subsea director Kenneth R. Mackie said Stephen had shown great potential since joining the company. He said, "Stephen joined us with very little experience of the Subsea industry, but with a great deal of focus, enthusiasm and confidence. He has learned a lot very quickly and has proven himself as an asset to the team.

"We re-evaluated how we wanted to drive the company forward and knew it was important to mark out distinct geographical regions -- each with their own manager.

"Rotech Subsea has been a fantastic success story to date but we know the potential for our groundbreaking technology is massive. We have a superb, and ever-evolving, product that provides a faster, cheaper and more effective solution for a number of challenges than anything else out there."

The Rotech "T" tools work by using two counter-rotating propellers to channel a powerful flow of water downwards to clear subsea material, rocks and mud. Technicians use live sonar feedback to adjust power levels and as there's no physical contact with the sea floor or structures, there's little risk of damage.

The "T" system range of tools offers businesses, particularly those in the oil and gas sector, a faster, cost-effective option to tackle a range excavation applications such as pipeline/cable burial, pipeline de-burial for maintenance, wellhead clearance, rock dump removal, decommissioning work, sand wave leveling, hurricane repair work, harbor deepening and mud removal. Its non contact method makes it ideal for working on live pipelines and other sensitive structures.