Harriet JV Spuds North Pedirka-1 Well; Updates Gipsy-3

The North Pedirka-1 well will be drilled as a deviated well from the Victoria Complex surface location by the Ensco-56 jackup. The well is located in the North Pedirka prospect approximately 2.1 kilometers north of the Victoria Platform offshore Australia. The well is mapped as a low relief four way dip closed anticline at the top Flag Sandstone level. The well has a total proposed depth of 2,927 meters measured depth and is expected to take 6 days to complete.

The Gipsy-3 well being drilled by the Ensco-53 jackup has reached a total depth of 2,483 meters measured depth. Over the last 24 hours, pressure readings have been made over the intervals of hydrocarbon shows to establish the nature of the reservoirs and hydrocarbon type. Current operations comprise the taking of fluid samples from the sand reservoirs to confirm hydrocarbon presence and type.

The Gipsy-3 well has intersected a number of sandstone reservoirs each up to 10 meters thick over a 170 meter interval within the North Rankin, Brigadier, Mungaroo "A" and Mungaroo "B" Formations. Pressure and log data obtained to date indicates that some of these sandstones contain oil and others contain gas. A full analysis of the results will not be available until completion of the current logging over the next 24 hours.

Harriet Joint Venture participants are: Apache as operator with 68.5%; Kufpec with 19.2771% and Tap Oil with the remaining12.2229%.