Turkmenistan Sees Production Increase During 1st Half of 03

Turkmenistan increased gas production 10.4% year-on-year to amount to 30.8 bcm in the first half of 2003, with oil production up 9.3% to 4.7 million tons, a source in the republic's Ministry for Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources told Interfax.

Exports of natural gas were up 9% to 22.2 bcm. Production of liquefied gas increased 12% to 109,900 tons.

Throughput at Turkmenbashi and Seidinsky oil refineries, which are structural subdivisions of Turkmenneftegaz, amounted to 3.2 million tons of oil, up 20% year-on-year. Production of polypropylene increased 48%, while diesel production was up 37% and gasoline - 21%.

As reported earlier, Turkmenistan plans to increase gas production 26% year-on-year to amount to 67.58 bcm of natural and associated gas in 2003. It is also planned to significantly increase oil production - 50% to 13.5 million tons.

Oil production in Turkmenistan in the first quarter 2003 increased 12% year-on-year to 2.3 million tons, with natural gas production up 10% to 18.3 bcm.