Spectrum Kicks Off Seismic Survey in Eastern GOM

On July 22, the GGS-Atlantic commenced the acquisition of Spectrum's Big Wave Phase 2 multi-client seismic survey in the eastern Gulf of

Phase 2 of Spectrum's Big Wave multi client program is a total of 14,000km long offset, high quality seismic data and includes a
2,000km well tie survey to the east of the main study area. This new survey compliments the previously acquired data sets and will expand
Spectrum's coverage in the eastern Gulf of Mexico to over 52,000km.

Spectrum's seismic vessel, GGS-Atlantic, will be fully utilized acquiring Phase 2 until December 2009. Seismic data processing will be undertaken by Spectrum's data processing and imaging facility in Houston, where a sequence including both pre-stack time and pre-stack
depth migration will be applied.

The survey in the Gulf of Mexico has already attracted significant interest. To date 5 major oil companies have signed up to Phase 2 ensuring it is close to being fully prefunded.