Downhole Products' GRIPPY Product Line Surpasses 250,000 Units Sold

Downhole Products has deployed more than 250,000 units of the company's highly successful GRIPPY cable protector assemblies in less than two years.

Introduced in September 2007, the cable protectors secure downhole cables and control lines while providing over-the-coupling protection in and out of the wellbore. The assemblies also eliminate compression induced damages to sensitive cables.

Product Manager Gina Taylor attributes reaching this milestone to successful application of the product in demanding environments and the unique design of the tool.

"DHP simply provides the best-in-class product. When operating in heavy weight applications, such as supporting electric submersible pump cables, it is imperative that cable protectors be able to sustain the load to prevent the cables from sagging," Taylor said.

Taylor continued, "The GRIPPY can withstand these extreme loads and has proven successful in virtually every application to which it has been applied. The company has addressed all issues related to traditional clamping and built a more robust tool which is delivered efficiently and effectively without compromising reliability or quality."

GRIPPY products are configured for both round and flat electric submersible pump cables, subsurface safety valves, chemical injection lines, smart well total encapsulated cables and fiber optics with single and dual channel options.

Other features of the product line are:

  • Galvanized protection to resist corrosion
  • Spot-welded hinge pins and seams for enhanced integrity of the assembly
  • Provides standoff between tubing and casing
  • Resists slipping and rotation
  • Provides eight specific contact points to firmly engage tubing and secure cable
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic and mechanical tools available for choice of installation.

Assemblies are available in sizes ranging from 2-3/8" to 7". Alternative designs and materials are available for a range of configurations.