Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping Appoints New CEO

Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping announced the promotion, with immediate effect, of Richard Cooper to Chief Executive Officer of the Company and appointment to the Board of Directors. Richard has been with the OHM group since the acquisition of Rock Solid Images Inc. ("RSI") in August 2007. Prior to that, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Rock Solid Images, and following the restructuring and integration of RSI into OHM, he assumed a group role as President of the OHM group.

Richard Cooper (51) has a strong background in geophysics and geology with considerable international management experience. From 1979 until 1992 he held a number of international posts with Digicon Geophysical Company, followed by senior posts at CogniSeis including that of President and Chief Operating Officer until 1997 when he was instrumental in negotiations surrounding the acquisition of CogniSeis by Paradigm Geophysical Inc.

In 1998 he founded and was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Rock Solid Images, Inc a leading supplier of rock physics technology to the oil and gas industry.

Dave Pratt, Chairman of OHM, commenting on the appointment, said, "Richard is a first class technologist and manager who really understands the issues surrounding client service delivery. Since joining the Group he has been an excellent member of the OHM team and has increasingly contributed to our strategic vision. I have every confidence that the Company will flourish under his guidance."

Richard Cooper, OHM's new Chief Executive Officer, added, "We have assembled a unique combination of seismic, CSEM and rock-physics technology and expertise within the OHM Group. The optimal integration of surface based geophysical methods, particularly the combination of seismic and CSEM, offer an opportunity to improve radically the reliability of risking decisions associated with exploration, appraisal and monitoring projects. It's a privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated team at OHM and I look forward to unlocking the value of our technology to the benefit of customers, shareholders and employees alike."