Transocean's Discoverer Inspiration Takes Its Name

DSME has noted that the third of five Transocean Enhanced Enterprise-Class ultra-deepwater drillships was named the Discoverer Inspiration at a naming ceremony held on July 20, 2009 at quay D1.

The units are enhanced versions of the company's Enterprise-class drillships, which have set drilling records in recent years, including the world water-depth drilling record of 10,011 feet held by the Discoverer Deep Seas.

In celebration of the christening of the Discoverer Inspiration, approximately 100 personnel members attended the ceremony, during which Brenda Luquette, spouse of Gary Luquette, President of Chevron North America E&P, had the honor of naming P.3503. Other guests included Steven Newman, President and COO of Transocean, the Luquettes and Sang-Tae Nam, President & CEO of DSME.

Currently, DSME's order book contains a backlog of eight drillships that include two more sister drillships for Transocean.

Construction of the third drillship is slated for completion by the end of October 2009 for oil major Chevron, which will operate the Discoverer Inspiration in the Gulf of Mexico.