Aker Exploration Withdraws Application for Dreki Licensing Round

The National Energy Authority has received a letter from Aker Exploration AS stating that, due to change in company strategy, the company has decided to withraw its application for hydrocarbon exploration and production license according to the the First Licensing Round 2009 on the Dreki Area.

The closing date for the First Licensing Round for the northern Dreki area was May 15, 2009. The National Energy Authority (NEA) of Iceland received applications from

  • • Aker Exploration
  • • Sagex Petroleum and Lindir Exploration

The application from Sagex Petroleum and Lindir Exploration is still being processed.

In addition, on June 5, 2009, the NEA granted the USA company ION GX Technology prospecting license in the northen part of the Dreki area.