Tatneft Starts Development of New Russian Field

NGDU Nurlatneft of OAO Tatneft has started development of Chernoozerskoye field located in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. Construction of the first production well is nearing completion and drilling the second one will soon begin. The total planned number of the wells to be constructed this year amounts to 5. The program for the period 2010-2011 envisages construction of 7 wells annually.

Chernoozerskoye field was discovered by an exploration well in 2007. In-place oil reserves of the deposit amount to more than 3.5 million tons with recoverable reserve exceeding 1 million tons of oil. In situ oil viscosity provides an opportunity to obtain tax benefits.

In accordance with the trial operation program the production of oil from the well was started in January 2008 with application of a sucker rod unit pumping oil to the oil storage section with subsequent removal by oil tank trucks. The initial production rate of the well with this production mode amounted to 20.2 tons of crude oil per day with the water cut of 10%. The pipeline was constructed in January 2009 and the well started continuous production in the amount of 26.8 tons per day with 7% water cut.