NXT Wraps Up SFD Survey for Pacific Rubiales in Colombia

NXT Energy Solutions has completed the previously announced U.S. $2.3 million SFD Survey in Colombia on June 30, 2009 for a Colombian subsidiary of Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.

NXT shall recognize this revenue in the second quarter of 2009. To date the Company has received payments of US $1.0 million and the remaining payments are due within 30 days. The Company's balance sheet remains strong, currently holding cash and short term investments of Cdn. $5.5 million with no debt.

NXT is in the business of providing wide-area airborne services to clients utilizing its proprietary SFD Survey System to search for new oil and gas fields. The Company rapidly identifies and ranks prospective areas with sub-surface structure and reservoir potential. Our service provides an efficient, cost effective method for surveying large tracts of land and delivering an inventory of high impact SFD qualified prospects.