PSA Approves ConocoPhillips' Use of COSLRival on Eldfisk

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (CoPSAS) has been granted consent to use the mobile living quarters facility COSLRival (formerly Port Reval) on the Eldfisk field until July 31, 2011.

CoPSAS was previously granted consent to use Port Reval on Eldfisk for the period from August 2007 until August 2008.

Later a new consent for use of the facility was granted until May 2009. CoPSAS still needs to accommodate personnel on board the COSLRival. The consent is valid until July 31, 2011.

The facility (Port Reval) received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in August 2007. Due to a change of ownership, the name was changed to COSLRival. The facility is still operated by OSM Offshore AS (OSM).