Appeals Court Upholds Judgment Against Halliburburton

BJ Services Company announced that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the judgment of a Houston District Court (Judge Sim Lake) issued in 2002 in connection with its patent infringement lawsuit filed against Halliburton. BJ filed this lawsuit in March of 2000 seeking damages for Halliburton's infringement of the patented method for fracturing oil and gas formations with a low polymer fracturing fluid, which BJ markets as Vistar(R). The judgment of the trial court awarded BJ damages of $101 million and included a permanent injunction prohibiting Halliburton from continuing to sell or offer for sale its competing system known as Phoenix.

BJ Services Chairman and CEO, Bill Stewart commented, "Vistar(R) along with other BJ innovations in fracturing technology have proven their value by delivering superior results for our customers. We are pleased that the Court of Appeals has affirmed the Judgment in BJ's favor."