Enventure Global Technology Sets World Record for SET Installation

Enventure Global Technology has again set a world record for the longest SET® solid expandable liner. The 6,935 ft., (pre-expansion length) 7-5/8 x 9-5/8 in. Openhole SET System was successfully installed for an operator in the Gulf of Mexico. This installation also marked the first use of swellable elastomers with expandable technology in an offshore wellbore.

The Gulf Coast operator planned-in a high-capacity SET System in order to reach deep shelf targets. The liner was run through a sidetrack and expanded with a shoe depth below 20,000 ft. The expandable solution enabled the use of existing infrastructure, ultimately reducing overall well costs, project risk and costly non-productive time.

"This milestone is a testament to the continued improvement and effectiveness of SET technology in offshore drilling environments," said Chan Daigle, Vice President of the Americas for Enventure. "Partnering with experienced and progressive companies demonstrates the tremendous technological advantages that the Enventure SET product line can bring to an operator."

Enventure has completed over 1,100 SET installations world-wide to date with nearly 200 in the Gulf of Mexico.