BP Gets Go-Ahead to Conduct Major Modifications on Valhall

BP Norge AS (BP) has been granted consent to carry out major modifications in connection with the gas lift project on the Valhall Flank.

Valhall Flank

The flank development comprises two wellhead facilities, north and south on the field. The facility in the south started production in 2003, and the facility in the north started production in 2004. A Plan for Development and Operations (PDO) for the Valhall Flank development was approved in November 2001.

According to BP, the gas lift project on Valhall has good profitability, and will, when gas lift has been installed in all the planned wells, yield an increased production of approx. 10,000 barrels per day, as well as increased reserves. According to the plan, production will be maintained until the year 2035.


The consent applies to preparation for, installation and commissioning of gas lift modules on Valhall Flank North (VFN) and Valhall Flank South (VFS) with associated tie-ins to the wells, gas pipeline from the Valhall wellhead facility (WP) to the two flank facilities, as well as associated modifications to the WP (Riser/ESDV facility).

The installation period commences in August 2009 with the installation of prefabricated gas distribution modules on Flank North and Flank South respectively. According to the plan, the development will be concluded at the end of 2011.