RussNeft's Subsidiary Unveils New Efficient Oil Production Technologies

Belkamneft, a producing subsidiary of RussNeft, has introduced new efficient oil production technologies using two-packer equipment manufactured by the company Packer, a well-known Russian manufacturer of packer and anchor equipment for oil and gas wells testing and workover.

In May and June of 2009, Belkamneft used two-packer equipment manufactured by Packer at the well-stock of Oil and Gas Production Department-2 for blocking off watered intervals. The new technology permitted to abandon frequent and expensive squeeze jobs, minimize the time of wells repairing and efficiently insulate deformation of production string.

The first well where, in May this year, this assembly was first introduced was well No 110 of Byginskoye oil field. Watering of the product before geological and engineering works had been about 70%. The effect of squeeze jobs undertaken at this well earlier had been short and insignificant, and watering was reduced from 70% to 50%. In the course of workover the watered interval was blocked off with a two-packer assembly, which resulted in a reduction of watering to 27%. Extra production from the moment of undertaking geological and engineering measures amounted to 269 tons of oil.

Another well at the Byginskoye oil field, No 200, had been numbered among inoperative ones since October 2008 due to 100% watering of the product. Introduction of the new technology permitted to put the well into operation and to obtain production growth by about 3.0 tons/day.

RussNeft is planning to apply widely new technologies, providing efficient production of hydrocarbons, to decrease the number of inoperative wells and reduce watering of wells.