Trelleborg Brings Its Companies Under Banner of Trelleborg Offshore Brand

The companies which make up Trelleborg Offshore, the global leader in polymer and syntactic foam-based products for demanding offshore environments, have been renamed to underline the manufacturing, marketing and product synergies within the group worldwide.

The five principal companies will now be identified as Trelleborg Offshore followed by their geographical locations, replacing the well-known industry names of CRP, OCP, Emerson & Cuming and Viking, and bringing them under the banner of a consistent Trelleborg Offshore brand.

"The 'Trelleborg Offshore' name communicates a consistent identity to all our global clients," explains Trelleborg Offshore Group President, Alan Wilson. "It underlines the Group's extensive knowledge, expertise and project experience, and offers value to our customers wherever they are in the world."

Trelleborg Offshore companies share a common commitment to innovation, pushing at the boundaries of material science while focusing on sound project delivery. Customers also benefit from wider access to advanced polymer research and application development within the global Trelleborg Group, providing a rich resource of experience from diverse industries worldwide.

The companies will be identified as follows:

  • Trelleborg CRP Ltd. -- Trelleborg Offshore UK Ltd.
  • Trelleborg CRP Inc. -- Trelleborg Offshore US Inc.
  • Trelleborg OCP Ltd. -- Trelleborg Offshore Barrow-in-Furness Ltd.
  • Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Inc. -- Trelleborg Offshore Boston, Inc.
  • Trelleborg Viking AS. -- Trelleborg Offshore Norway AS.

The Trelleborg Offshore group was formed following the acquisition of the CRP Group in 2006 and the addition of Trelleborg Viking. The move created a global market leader in solutions for offshore oil and gas projects with more than 30 years' industry experience. The group specializes in the development and manufacture of polymer and syntactic foam based solutions for surface, topside, subsea and seabed applications including buoyancy, cable protection, thermal insulation and fire protection. Trelleborg Offshore is part of the Trelleborg Engineered Systems Business Area of Trelleborg Group.