Ormen Lange Ramping Back Up After Maintenance

LONDON (Dow Jones Newswires), Jul. 6, 2009

Royal Dutch Shell Monday said its Ormen Lange gas field is ramping back up after a maintenance program of around a week, which curtailed output.

"Maintenance is finalized. We are ramping up to regular production," Shell spokeswoman Kitty Eide told Dow Jones Newswires.

The field was affected by maintenance at its onshore processing plant at Nyhamna, Aukra municipality, but the company declined to stay how much capacity was offline. The field's maximum output is 70 million cubic meters of gas a day. It is located 120 kilometers north west of Kristiansand in the More Basin of the southern Norwegian Sea, and ships gas through the 1,200 kilometer Langeled pipeline, mostly to the U.K. Easington terminal.

Shell said Jul. 1 that work at Ormen Lange "started a couple of days ago and is affecting production," but refrained from giving any further detail on timings or volumes.

Field operator Shell owns around 17% of Ormen Lange, ExxonMobil 7%, Dong 10% StatoilHydro just under 30% and Petoro a little over 36%. The field started producing gas in September 2007.  

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