Belarus-Venezuela Joint Venture Gets Three Oil Wells

An act of the Venezuelan Oil and Energy Ministry assigning three new oil wells to the Belarusian-Venezuelan joint oil extraction venture, Petrolera BeloVenesolana, has been signed in Minsk.

The correspondent of Interfax-West reported that the document was signed by Venezuelan Oil and Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez following the meeting with Belarusian First Deputy Prime Minister Uladzimir Syamashka and a presidential envoy for special missions, Viktar Sheyman.

Memorandums on joint development of a gas project in Venezuela and on intentions to create a joint venture for services in the oil industry were also signed.

The document was signed by the director-general of the Belarusian state oil company Belarusnafta, Alyaksandr Lyakhaw, and Rafael Ramirez.

They also signed an agreement on technological cooperation between Belarusnafta and Venezuelan science and research organization INTVEP.

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