Russia Offers Turkey Cooperation on South Stream Gas Project

Russia has offered Turkey cooperation within the framework of the South Stream gas project, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin has told journalists.

"We have been working for a long time on the diversification of the routes of gas supplies. We will continue this work and will consider new options. We offered Turkey cooperation regarding South Stream," he said.

According to Sechin, Russia is welcoming the diversification of gas supplies and work on various routes of pipelines. "We discussed various options of supplying gas, including Nabucco and think that the greater the number of various projects in this sphere and the more routes and options for supply there are, the better," Sechin said.

At the same time Sechin stressed that in this issue the resource basis plays a primary role.

"Projects of this kind should be considered from the point of view of economic expediency. Here it is necessary to analyze all options in terms of the resource basis. We informed Turkey that in Russia everything is OK with the resource basis," Sechin said.

He recalled that the reserves of one of the largest gas regions of the Russian Federation -- Yamal -- amount to 11,000bn cubic meters of gas.

For his part, the energy and natural resources minister of Turkey, Taner Yildiz, announced that the South Stream and Nabucco projects were not competing projects. "None of the project is being considered as competing. Each of them has development of their own," Yildiz said.

The Turkish energy and natural resources minister added that the countries should develop cooperation. He said that about 15 projects had been prepared, which could be implemented by two countries. "Inside each strategic package there is a string projects that have strategic significance," he said.

Yildiz expressed satisfaction with the meeting and invited Sechin to Ankara. "In the future we are planning to agree a date for holding a meeting of the intergovernmental commission where agreements will be reached on settling the problems of our bilateral cooperation," Yildiz said.

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