AGR Field Operations Continues Services for StatoilHydro in North Sea

AGR Field Operations has secured a extension on its contract with StatoilHydro to inspect and certify its non-complex lifting equipment across StatoilHydro's North Sea operations, from Sleipner in the South to Snohvit in the North.

The contract covers 30 offshore installations and 4 onshore facilities. The duration of the extension is for 2 years, with an additional 2 options, each 2 year. The extension has an estimated value of 32 MNOK gross revenue. Including the remaining option, the total value is estimated to be 96 MNOK.

Age Landro, Executive Vice President commented, "We are very pleased with the continued trust from StatoilHydro. To be asked to cover such a large range of installations is very satisfying for all of us in AGR Field Operations."

"AGR Field Operations is one of the leading North Sea lifting equipment inspection and certification companies," concluded Landro.