American Petro-Hunter Plans Next Kansas Oil Well

American Petro-Hunter has announced that the next prospective oil well in the Company's project development drilling schedule will be at the Brinkman Prospect in Clark County, Kansas and has been designated as the #1 Lee 18AB oil well.

The well is currently undergoing permitting, and site surveys are ongoing for a spud date in approximately two weeks on or around July 15th dependent upon rig availability. The Brinkman Prospect is located approximately 20 miles south of Dodge City on leases totaling 1,760 acres that straddle the Clark-Meade County line.

The Brinkman Prospect is directly north of oil production in the Marmaton Limestone and Morrow Sand formations where over 49,000 barrels and over 1 BCF gas have been produced from a seismic anomaly to the northeast of the chosen drilling location. The Company believes that the drill test targets a very promising structure as identified by 3D seismic data in the Marmaton Limestone. Management further believes that the potential for a second commercially viable well by the end of July is very high.

Following the drilling and completion of the Brinkman Well, the Company and partners at the Poston Project plan to drill an offset well to the #1 Lutters that is currently in production. The well is planned for August and since most of the requisite infrastructure is already in place, it could prove particularly cost-effective to complete and would promptly increase the Company's existing revenue stream.

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