Infoterra Appoints New Canadian Agent for Global Oil Seeps Data

Infoterra has appointed McElhanney Consulting Services as its agent in Canada for global oil seeps data.

Exploring for oil in the world's offshore basins can be very costly both in time and money. To support exploration, Infoterra's team of experts characterize and rank all oil slicks shown on satellite imagery as probable natural seepage or man-made pollution. The company's seeps database, Global Seeps, which covers over 60 million km2, has proved to be a cost-effective risk-ranking tool for oil exploration, as well as providing pollution information for environmental studies.

The team at McElhanney Consulting Services, providers of marine surveys and environmental assessment studies, will be supporting customers in the North America and Arctic regions. "The market for seeps data is truly global so we are delighted to have McElhanney as part of our team to help support our customers in their exploration and environmental applications," said Steve Chafer, Business Manager at Infoterra Ltd.