ClampOn to Supply Subsea Equipment to BP's Isabela Project in GOM

ClampOn has secured the order for several subsea sand monitors and pig detectors to the Isabela field. Isabela lies in 6500 feet (1980m) of water and about 250 kilometers southeast of New Orleans. Expected start-up is first quarter of 2011. The development will be tied back to the NaKika field.

The Subsea sensors from ClampOn are the only acoustic sensors with atmospehric and high pressure chambers, pipe contact verification, electronic beam welding and dual independent electronics. These qualitites make ClampOn the preferred supplier of non-intrusive sensors for applications worldwide.

ClampOn's undisputed position as the industry's preferred supplier of subsea (and topside) sand and pig monitoring equipment proves that operators all over the world value the quality and reliability of ClampOn's products.

ClampOn subsea & topside non-intrusive acoustic devises, have assisted worldwide operators in providing first alarm notifications for solids or sands during production to make smart corrective action plans. Not all acoustic monitors are alike. Our acoustic tehcnology is field proven every day with thousands of units in succesful operations since 1996.