Aker, AGR Ink Contract for Riserless Mud Recovery


Aker Solutions and AGR Subsea signed a contract for Riserless Mud Recovery on June 15. The duration of the contract is three years with options to extend for two periods of one year each. The agreement also includes an option of extending the contract to cover other drilling units.

Tom Hasler, Executive Vice President at AGR Drilling Services said, "There is more to this concept than the name might indicate. Drilling without risers is not just an efficient way to make the top hole when seabed conditions complicate this initial phase of exploration drilling.

"Just as unique, in an exploration drilling context is the system which allows the operator to collect used drilling fluid and cuttings from the seabed and pump them back to the rig. This enables engineered fluids to be used as there are no discharges to sea. This also enables precise volume control to be implemented on the topholes. Combined, this will impact well construction."