OMV Drills Final Oil Production Wells at Offshore Maari Field

New Zealand Crown Minerals

OMV, operator of the Maari oil field, has begun drilling the final two oil production wells at the offshore south Taranaki development, after completing three water injection wells.

Minority partner Horizon Oil says that one of its last two (of a total five) horizontal oil wells into the Moki sands, MR1 has had the intermediate casing set and was preparing to drill the reservoir section.

The final MR2 surface hole had also been drilled and cased by the Ensco 107 jackup rig.

Horizon has also reported that the water injection wells MR6, MR7, and MR8 have been drilled and completed. MR7 and MR8 have begun injecting water at a temperature of 65 degrees C into the Moki sands at a combined rate of 26,000 barrels per day. The MR6 well was awaiting a hook-up.

Horizon said that total production of crude oil from Maari to May 31 was 1.4 million barrels, but the current production rate had been hampered by required shut-ins for drilling operations.

The development drilling program is progressing well in terms of execution and geological results. The program is expected to be completed by early August 2009.

Horizon said the partners may possibly drill a development well into the M2A sands at Maari, which lie above the Moki sands.

The partners recently announced that the Ensco 107 jackup rig will drill an appraisal well in the nearby Manaia field from the Maari platform. The Manaia well will be drilled immediately after the current Moki wells are completed.

Last year Horizon said that the upside potential from the Maari M2A sands zone is 12 million barrels with Manaia having an upside potential of 25 million barrels.