Transocean Marianas Sets Gulf of Mexico Record

The Transocean Marianas recently completed the Poseidon well for Chevron, setting a total well depth record for the Gulf of Mexico at 29,750 ft. The well took 166.5 days to complete with many challenges overcome.

The tests included a well that presented shallow-flow hazards and a need to coordinate a huge volume of equipment and materials. Also, the Transocean Marianas was new to Chevron. But an important factor that set the course for the well's successful outcome was a pre-spud planning meeting of the Transocean Sedco Forex and Chevron team. The companies' representatives got to know each other at the meeting while giving their input into the well plan. This early team-building session resulted in performance that included less than 2% rig downtime, 2% service company trouble time, no accidents, no Minerals Management Service Incidents of Noncompliance and no incidents.

In addition to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico total well depth record, several other accomplishments included: excellent execution to 18-inch casing point in salt and the installation of a Dril-Quip Big Bore Subsea Wellhead system, while all geological requirements were met.

Chevron was extremely pleased with the well performance. "The selection of the Transocean Marianas had a major impact on our success. The people and equipment performed at or above all expectations we had when selecting the rig," says Scott McLeod with Chevron Deepwater. "When you start a well, you must have the right equipment and procedures to match the well conditions to be successful, but if you don't have the right people, you're missing the key ingredient for success. Transocean Sedco Forex was part of the team of people that made Poseidon a huge success," he said.