Det Norske Elects New Chairman

Det norske oljeselskap ASA

Svein Sivertsen was elected new Chairman of Det norske at the Extraordinary General Meeting, Wednesday, June 24. Sivertsen was member of the Board of Det norske from 2005 to February this year, and knows the company well.

Lone Fonns Schroder and Kaare Moursund Gisvold were elected as new directors. Fonns Schroder has broad experience as an industry leader and is on the Board of Aker. Gisvold has earlier been on the Board of Det norske since 2005.

Svein Sivertsen (born 1951) was elected new chairman. Sivertsen (born 1951) is an independent consultant. He has a Master of Science degree from NTNU in Norway. Sivertsen served as board member in Det norske from 2005 until February 2009. He has held several senior positions in companies like Nidar, Fokus Bank and Sintef.

Lone Fonss Schroder (born 1960) was elected new member of the Board. She is CEO/President in Wallenius Lines AB. Fonss Schroder has worked for 21 years in A.P. Moller-Maersk. She is educated as a lawyer and has a Master in Business Administration from Handelshojskolen in Copenhagen. She also serves on the boards of Yara, Aker, Vattenfall and DSB.

Kaare Moursund Gisvold (born 1942) was elected new member of the Board. He is an independent investor and advisor. Gisvold has a PhD from NTNU in Norway. He serves, amongst other things, as chairman of the board in the media business Polaris. Gisvold served as chairman of the board of Det norske from 2005 until February 2009.

The members Ivar Brandvold, Marianne E. Johnsen, Hege Sjo and Tore Lilloe-Olsen were reelected as members of the board.
In addition to the Board members elected by the shareholders are Jan Gunnar Opsal, Bjarne Kristoffersen and Kristin Aubert elected by the employees.

Finn Haugan continues as chairman of the nomination committee. Berge Gerdt Larsen continues as member and Oyvind Eriksen was elected as new member of the committee.