BGP Completes Challenging TZ Seismic Survey in Saudi Arabia


BGP Crew 8652 announced the completion of the S-52 TZ seismic acquisition contract for Saudi Aramco, which is composed of BERRY 3D survey and MANIFA 2D survey.

In the 27 months since the commencement of the S52 seismic survey in December 2006, more than 2300 km2 of 3D seismic data and 1000 kilometers of 2D data were acquired.

The largest TZ project in the geophysical industry, the acquisition used three seismic sources: dynamite, vibroseis and airguns. The work area, located near ABUALI Island, was extremely complex. It included desert, gobi, farmland, cities, industrial areas, oilfields and highways. Shallow water areas consisted of lakes and beaches.

The effort of all members of Crew 8652, along with the support of BGP headquarters and other overseas branches, enabled them to overcome many difficulties during the operation. The crew reached more than six million man-hours without an LTI. Outstanding performance in difficult terrain as well as a commitment to client satisfaction guaranteed BGP's success in this operation.