VWS Oil & Gas Unveils Streamliner Deoiling Hydrocyclone

VWS Oil & Gas

VWS Oil & Gas recently launched the STREAMLINER™ range of deoiling hydrocyclones for produced water treatment.

Many years of produced water system design, build and service experience have enabled us to identify and improve the key factors behind deoiling hydrocyclone performance. This knowledge has been applied to the STREAMLINER™ design, resulting in class leading capacity, efficiency and longevity.

Our understanding of the operation and maintenance issues behind hydrocyclone technology has led to the inclusion of unique design features which make the STREAMLINER easy to clean and refurbish, rather than buy an expensive replacement, which is common practise with others in the market.

Benefits of the STREAMLINER™ Deoiling Hydrocyclone include:

  • Annular axial inlets reduce turbulence
  • Multiple inlets improve wear resistance
  • Swirl inducer can be inspected without liner disassembly
  • Retractable swirl inducer allows for internal liner inspection and easier jet cleaning
  • Liners can be retrofitted into existing installations

The STREAMLINER™ Deoiling Hydrocyclone is supported by oil & gas industry water treatment specialists located at VWS locations throughout the world, providing whole life care, wherever you operate.