ConocoPhillips Receives Consent for Disposal of 37/4-A, 36/22-A Facilities

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

ConocoPhillips received consent for disposal of the facilities 37/4-A and 36/22-A.

The consent applies to the removal of the compressor facilities 37/4-A and 36/22-A (oil boosters) which previously were connected to the Norpipe pipeline from Ekofisk to Teesside.

The facilities are located on the British side of the boundary line, but are included in the cessation plan for Ekofisk I. The facilities are under joint jurisdiction between Norway and the UK, regulated in a joint agreement called the Ekofisk - Teesside agreement of 1973.

The consent is granted on the basis of the documentation submitted in regards to the application (HES Master Document). PSA has also been kept informed of the audit activities of British authorities as regards the activity, and that the safety study (Dismantling Safety Case) is accepted.

According to the plan the facilities will exported to Norway and transported to Vats in Vindafjord (Rogaland) for final disposal.