SMT Partners with JewelSuite for New Geomodeling Solution


SMT, the leader for Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, has announced its partnership with JewelSuite™. The partnership will allow SMT to incorporate the patent-pending JewelSuite™ gridding technology as a part of the new KINGDOM Geomodeling solution. With KINGDOM Geomodeling, organizations can now conduct 3D geomodeling within the same application as their initial interpretation. This capability helps upstream exploration and production companies reduce cycle times and improve drilling decisions through more accurate volumetric calculations.

Commenting on the announcement, Arshad Matin, President and CEO of SMT, said, "Today, interpretation and modeling exist as separate silos within organizations, managed by separate teams. This dysfunctional process is akin to a sculptor having to write his design on paper and require someone else to build it. With KINGDOM Geomodeling, SMT puts the tools back in the hands of the artist. And because it is so cost effective and easy to use, now everyone can be an artist."

Commenting on the announcement, Gerard de Jager, President of JOA, said, "This is an important step for our industry. Next to the engineering domain, where the orthogonal Jewel gridding has proven superior, the partnership with SMT will integrate Seismic Interpretation. Due to the true vertical gridding method, seamless workflow integration will be achieved, leading to faster and better asset team decision making."

KINGDOM Geomodeling allows companies to create sealed structural models, build 3D geocellular grids, distribute properties across the grid, and arrive at more accurate volumetric calculations. Companies no longer have to export or import their interpretation data to their modeling solution, because both are integrated in one solution.

KINGDOM Geomodeling is powered by patent pending gridding technology from SMT partner, JewelSuite™. This next generation gridding capability provides more flexible mapping of complex structures compared to legacy Pillar gridding technologies. As a result of the partnership, SMT and JewelSuite™ will share technology and co-market the new solution.

KINGDOM Geomodeling, a part of the new KINGDOM Advanced product line, is being unveiled at AAPG and EAGE in the SMT booth and will be in limited availability in Q4, 2009.