BJ Services Celebrates Capillary Service Firsts in Southeast Asia

BJ Services Company has completed several technically challenging projects, extending its record of successful capillary tubing services. The company's DynaCoil™ capillary systems, which were recently used for the first time in the Philippines and offshore Thailand and Indonesia, provide customers with effective flow assurance, hydrate dissolution, deliquification and scale-inhibition services to help ensure full production from wells with minimal intervention.

"Our capillary units help return wells to profitable production in less time by eliminating the need for conventional workover rigs, large recovery crews, and other more costly and time-consuming alternatives," said Fred Toney, BJ Services’ vice president for chemical services. "We are excited about the results and the broad spectrum of technical applications that we are achieving with our capillary services around the world."

BJ Services' fleet of capillary equipment uses small-diameter (1/4-, 3/8- and 5/8-in.) tubing and live well delivery systems, which are ideal for small rigs and large platforms with space constraints. The tubing is installed to a depth adjacent to the perforations or the desired treatment zone and hung off from the wellhead. This enables simple and cost-efficient delivery of production chemicals or stimulation fluids at precise downhole depths. Installation and chemical injection is often completed in hours. In some cases, capillary tubing is used as a treatment string to deliver acids or other treatment fluids.

First Run/Deepwater Hydrate Removal in Indonesia

BJ Services' capillary services specialists re-established communication and restored production in two high-producing deepwater wells offshore Kalimantan, Indonesia. Both wells experienced hydrate plugging at more than 1,000 ft (300 m) deep. Attempts to restore production by bullheading chemicals failed; and communication with the wellbores was lost. BJ ran 3/8-in. capillary tubing to the depth of the plugs and successfully dissolved the hydrates with minimal rig-up and pumping time.

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