Lighthouse Petroleum Welcomes First Member of O&G Advisory Board

Lighthouse Petroleum, Inc.

Lighthouse Petroleum announced to shareholders that geologist, Mr. R.J. Jordan, Ph.D., has accepted Lighthouse Petroleum's invitation to join its Oil & Gas Advisory Board.

Mr. Jordan, Ph.D. is a geologist who currently resides in West Texas, the heart of the Permian Basin. Mr. Jordan, Ph.D. obtained both his Undergraduate and Masters degrees in geology from Boston University and later obtained his Ph.D. from Syracuse University.

Former employers for Mr. Jordan, Ph.D. include Amoco, Butler Jordon & Associates, and Garnett Energy. His duties included the responsibility for development of geologic play concepts, basin evaluation, and directing progress of ongoing geologic programs by staff geologists. Additionally, R.J. was responsible for prospect generation in Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Colombia, S.A.

Some of Dr. Jordan's current and past affiliations include the following:

  • Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists -- Certified Petroleum Geologist #4038
  • Ft. Worth Geological Society -- Vice President 1989/90, Secretary 1988/89
  • Director, Oil Information Library of Ft. Worth; 1985-1990

Lighthouse Petroleum CEO Paul Norat states, "Dr. Jordan's abilities that have been honed over the past several decades could potentially contribute massive dividends to Lighthouse in regards to the present drilling prospect located in Wyoming and in future prospects located within the Permian Basin."

Mr. Norat further states, "With this recent commitment by Dr. Jordan to join our newly formed Oil & Gas Advisory Board, we feel that his talents and expertise to assist us as we begin drilling our first two prospects, will be invaluable. Additionally, his past experiences with his previous employers will afford Lighthouse and its shareholders the opportunity to generate new prospects and determine which ones could potentially yield economic oil and gas."

Mr. Norat further states, "As previously mentioned in our June 5, 2009 press release, the Lighthouse Petroleum Oil & Gas Advisory Board would consist of three members with different areas of expertise that can greatly assist us in our efforts to build further value within our organization. With the addition of Dr. Jordan, we are well on our way to building a first class advisory board to assist Lighthouse in reaching its strategic objectives."