Afghanistan to Launch O&G Exploration in Northern Region

BBC Monitoring via Comtex

The Ministry of Mines and Industries says it will sign agreements with some companies on extraction of oil and gas from three blocks in the north of Afghanistan in near future.

Minister of Mines and Industries Eng Mohammad Ebrahem Adel in a press conference on Monday in Kabul said that Afghanistan had possessed ample underground resources and the country's economic status will be changed through utilizing these resources. Ahmad Wali Yusofzai has more.

Speaking at a press conference, the minister of mines and industries, Eng Mohammad Ebrahem Adel, said that now it is the time to benefit from all Afghanistan's underground resources properly to develop the country's economy and improve the people's living condition.

The minister said that there were three mine blocks in the north of the country, two gas mines and one oil mine in the Bashikort and Jangalkalam areas of the Jowzjan Province and the government has put these three mines to bid.

He added that so far 11 domestic, foreign and international companies have submitted applications and agreement will be signed with an eligible company after processing the applications.

The minister said government would benefit hundreds millions of dollars from these mines while employment opportunities will be available for hundreds of Afghans.

According to him, practical work will be launched on three mines until the end of this year and also agreements will be signed on other underground resources mines. 

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