Wood Group Wins Snøhvit Contract

Wood Group Production Technology has been awarded a NoK 20 million (£2million) contract over three years to supply Statoil with downhole gauge monitoring equipment for the Snøhvit project in the Barents Sea off northern Norway.

"We are delighted to have won this significant contract which positions Wood Group Production Technology as a major supplier of downhole monitoring equipment to Statoil," said Petter Birkeland, General Manager of WGPT in Norway. "We work with Statoil on other Norwegian fields and are currently involved with installations on Sleipner, Veslefrikk, Kvitebjørn, Åsgard and part of the Tampen fields".

Statoil chose Wood Group Production Technology to supply the downhole pressure and temperature gauges on all their HPHT fields in 2001. The monitoring systems for Snøhvit will use the latest in hybrid technology, able to withstand continuous temperatures up to 200ºC. WGPT has installed more then twenty five systems for Statoil, all of which continue to perform despite difficult downhole conditions.

Statoil’s Snøhvit project is due to come on stream in late 2005.