China North East Petroleum Commences Trading on NYSE Amex

China North East Petroleum Holdings, Ltd.

China North East Petroleum Holdings announced today that its common stock has been approved for listing on the NYSE Amex LLC ("NYSE Amex"), under the new ticker symbol "NEP".

China North East Petroleum is the first Chinese non-state-owned oil exploration and production company to list on the NYSE Amex.

"Since becoming a public company, we have not only devoted significant resources to expand our growth, but also improved our corporate governance to meet the requirements of the SEC and the NYSE Amex." Commented Mr. Hongjun Wang, President of China North East Petroleum. "We are pleased that our hard work has resulted in our common stock being successfully listed on the NYSE Amex. We believe this listing on the NYSE Amex will serve as an excellent platform to enhance our visibility in the U.S. capital markets, increase the attractiveness, liquidity and marketability of our stock, and further expand our investor base. Today's listing doesn't mark the conclusion of our successful growth plan, but rather a fresh beginning. Our management team will continue to work diligently to expand our business operations, increase revenue and profitability, and create more value for our shareholders in the coming years."