PSA Investigates Collision at Ekofisk Installation

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has launched an investigation following the collision of the Big Orange XVIII vessel with the 2/4-W installation on Ekofisk on June 8.

This incident on the North Sea field caused damage both to the structure, bridge and well equipment on 2/4-W and to the vessel, and had a major accident potential.

Big Orange XVIII was heading towards the 2/4-X installation to carry out well stimulation work when it suffered an engine breakdown.

It avoided collisions with 2/4-X and 2/4-C by using its bow thrusters. While passing under the bridge between these installations, however, it also lost thruster power and hit 2/4-W.

This serious incident on Ekofisk, which is operated by ConocoPhillips, occurred at 04.17 and has been followed up by the PSA with the launch of two activities.

One involves monitoring the normalization work being carried out by the operator, while the other is its investigation of the actual incident.

The goal for the normalization team at the PSA is to check that ConocoPhillips takes the necessary steps to secure the installation before it returns to operation or is removed.

The investigation will seek to clarify the sequence of events, the direct and underlying causes, and the actual and potential consequences.

Also covering emergency preparedness aspects and possible violations of the regulations, it will result in a report to be published on the PSA website.