Norex Appoints 3 to Board of Directors

Northern Explorations Ltd.

Northern Explorations ("Norex") has appointed Stephen Mohan, Alan Lomax and Darrin Holman to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Mohan brings an extensive background in the area of business development with a primary focus on the subject of Strategic Growth.

During his tenure as Vice President for Business Development at Frost & Sullivan, Stephen raised the bar on industry performance, achieving record revenue and profit margins through the development of calculated efforts that led to a notably successful 22% increase during the very first year of program implementation. Mr. Mohan holds a degree in communications from Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts.

Mr. Lomax is a highly experienced financial consultant specializing in organizational matters such as regulatory compliance and corporate structure. He graduated from the University of Texas with an economics degree along with a period of additional studies conducted abroad while living in Spain. He brings extensive experience in the area of LBOs, MBOs and derivative actions involving public companies. Recently, Alan spearheaded the cleanup and restructuring of over 30 public companies in order to preserve and initiate growth in shareholder value.

Mr. Holman has an extensive background in the development of alternative energy projects, specializing in the wind and cogeneration sectors. He is an accomplished project planner and manager with real world experience in the development of large scale construction projects including megawatt class wind farms. With his involvement, Norex is able to accurately assess the viability of future opportunities in the alternative energy sector towards a growing commitment to an innovative clean energy portfolio.

Company President & CEO Mark Schaftlein comments, "These appointments build dramatically upon our existing strengths and bolster our abilities in many ways. This new advisory level of compliance oversight ensures the Company will grow wisely and with proper diligence. These gentlemen bring years of specialized information and relationships with key industry individuals along with access to insights that will assist us greatly as we grow our Clean Energy portfolio. With these additions to the Board we have taken an outstanding step forward in our ability to quickly realize and execute our strategic aims."