2H Offshore Installs 2 DELOS Platforms for BP Angola

2H Offshore

2H Offshore, an Acteon company, has successfully installed two Deep water, Long-term Environmental Observation System (DELOS) platforms for BP off the coast of Angola in a water depth of 1400m (4593ft). The stations will collect data to enhance deep sea scientific research over the next 25 years.

The groundbreaking structures will not only allow BP to explore deepwater areas important to the hydrocarbon industry, but will also be of significant value to the scientific community of Angola with their ongoing commitment towards biodiversity and protection of the natural environment.

Design of the monitoring system was completed by 2H in October 2007, in collaboration with scientists from the University of Aberdeen.

The company also project-managed the supply of the structures meeting difficult environmental criteria laid down by marine biologists. To minimize environmental impact to the seabed, the frames were assembled from GRP pulltruded sections and super duplex stainless steel plates and fasteners glued and bolted together. They incorporate retrievable modules containing cameras, acoustic listening devices, a sediment catcher, tidal flow sensors, a temperature sensor, an oxygen sensor and a salinity sensor. The triangular frame measures 8m between corners, stands 4.6m high on land, and weighs 10T in air (6T in water) when populated with the modules.