Flight Safety Teams Up with HCA for Offshore Helideck Inspection Services

Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd.

Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd, an associate company of the long term established Lloyds Register ISO 9001:2008 Certified aviation safety audit and risk management company -- Flight Safety Pty Ltd, has entered into a long term contract with the Aberdeen-based Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) -- a Scottish company that inspects and certifies helicopter landing areas. The HCA is responsible for the inspection and certification of all helidecks on oil-related offshore vessels and installations operating in UK and Norwegian waters -- over 700 in total.

The alliance forged will see the HCA enter the Australian and southeast Asia offshore markets for the first time and will see its international expertise deployed across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The HCA has sub-contracted Flight Safety to undertake inspection and certification work in the region to standards formulated for the North Sea oil and gas industry.

The formal standards set for the safe and effective use of helidecks in North Sea operations are acknowledged to be the best and most stringent in the world and Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd will be working to those compliancy levels in this new arrangement.

Flight Safety Managing Director Colin Weir said, "The benefits to the oil and gas industry in Australasia are enormous as the arrangement will see us 'import' expertise gained in the North Sea."

This new offering to our offshore energy market has the potential to realize tangible commercial and insurance benefits for operators.

Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd is headquartered in Queensland and Melbourne with plans to open offices in KL in the near future.

Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd will be conducting inspections to the UK Civil Aviation Authority's CAP 437 standards, with approvals issued in Aberdeen and sanctioned by the UK CAA. The HCA is a company established in the UK on behalf of, and equally owned by, helicopter operators CHC Scotia and Bristow.