Candidate for US Senate Wows O&G Delegates at the NG O&G Summit

GDS International

Commissioner Elizabeth Jones, a recognized leader in the field of energy supply, and recently announced candidate for the US Senate, wowed an audience of top Oil & Gas executives at the Next Generation Oil & Gas Summit last week in Colorado.

The Commissioner's policies are well-known throughout the industry, and she impressively oversees the Texas's energy supply, which is key to America's economical stability. Last week's meeting was focused around Jones's political hurdles with the Obama Administration and the issues she faces in developing America's energy security by advancing domestic energy resources as an alternative to Obama's wish to outsource supplies from other countries. Her focus appears to be on the need to support the industry and the state during the unstable economic climate, and in turn create more jobs for US citizens.

As a fourth generation family member in energy supply, her passion and drive were a mere catalyst at the summit for Oil & Gas visionaries including John de Lange, Head of Well Engineering at BG Group; John t'Hart, VP of Exploration at Talisman Energy; Juan Uribe, Manager Global Operations Upstream at Repsol; and Jay Still, EVP Domestic Operations at Pioneer Natural Resources. This esteemed group discussed new ways to deliver energy across America with technology leaders from CSC, Dupont, Landmark, Deep Down and MDA Geospatial.

Influential thinkers like Commissioner Elizabeth Jones are now stepping up to the challenge, and willing to take on the responsibility of America's energy supply by discussing political and economical ideas with other thought leaders. Platforms like the Colorado summit need to become available to the industry's figureheads for discussions to occur more frequently.