Weatherford Wins Fast-Track GOM Subsea Project at Telemark

Weatherford International Ltd.

Weatherford was awarded a contract for a subsea production control system for the Telemark discovery in deepwater Gulf of Mexico by Bluewater Industries Inc., on behalf of ATP Oil & Gas Corporation.

Weatherford's unique open communication and control capabilities, along with the ability to meet the tight project deadlines, were key deciding factors for Bluewater and ATP. The project will be managed by Weatherford and has been designated as a fast-track project with all equipment to be supplied to the client in approximately 24 weeks. Weatherford was awarded the project with opportunities for future field expansion.

Weatherford's topside components include a hydraulic power unit, a master control station, and a topside umbilical termination unit. The subsea portion of the system is comprised of a subsea control module, subsea base, and subsea tree instrumentation.

The production system provides subsea communication via an open communications controller, which is protocol independent and supports all industry interface standards. The system also complies with other open standards such as intelligent well interface standardization (IWIS), transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), Modbus, Modbus TCP and production markup language (ProdML). The open architecture of the system allows easy future expansion of the field as well as the addition of new technology without having to replace the existing subsea infrastructure.

Telemark lies on the Atwater Valley Block 63 in 4,450 ft of water and will be tied back to ATP's Titan MinDOC deep-draft floating drilling and production platform in the Mirage and Morgus fields on Mississippi Canyon blocks 941 and 942, respectively.

ATP owns 100 percent of the Telemark discovery.